Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a mail from Pakistan...Must read it & be mindful!

Dear All,


Military intelligence has information that terrorists have devised a new method of targeting and exploding bombs.

Example - You park your vehicle in a public area and go away to attend to your job. Some one can plant a bomb in your vehicle connected with GPS system and track your movements/whereabouts and activate the bomb when you are passing or close to the desired target area.

Hence it is best for us to be vigilant at all times as this could be a possibility which the terrorists will look at.

This works same as a Tracking Device works, that we normally use to secure our vehicles. A Sms is sent on the SIM installed on that device, and upon receiving the sms, the device sends back the Latitude and Longitude of its current location. The terrorist can easily use google earth or his own built-in maps to figure out the location of the vehicle.

The difference here is, that another sms can be send to the device, instructing it to activate the bomb. and it works. The bad side of this is unknowingly you can be carrying a bomb with you and if you are stopped at a check point you will become an innocent victim and it goes without saying what trouble you will have to go through thereafter.

Please be mindful of such possibilities.

Forward this to your loved ones please, so that we all can stop the acts of these evil minds who are busy in bringing a bad name to our nation. It’s a very high-tech kind of thing but its better to have our eyes n ears open as its believed that recent bomb blast at Islamabad was conducted by using the same method. During the period of 15th March till 31st March, Liberty Market Lahore, Fortress Stadium and DHA…



दिनेशराय द्विवेदी said...

सचेत हुए, धन्यवाद।

Udan Tashtari said...

जानकारी का आभार.

પ્રબીનઅવલંબ બારોટ said...

बहुत अच्छी जानकारी दी सर...सुकरिया, वैसे तो हम NDTV पर बहुत बार रु-ब-रु हुए है..आप अच्छी पत्रकारिता करते है...आप के ब्लोग की सारी पोस्ट पढ़ ली है...हमारा भी १ ब्लोग है link is parisamvad.blogspot.com आप वह चक्कर लगाओ गे तो ख़ुशी होगी...प्रबीन बारोट

Delila said...

Interesting to know.